Pivot Strategic’s efforts broke a seven-year regulatory logjam. They knew where the strategic leverage points were, as well as who to talk to and how.

Past Projects

We work with many different groups to achieve sustainable policy solutions. Check out some examples of past projects we have led:

barn owl

Species At Risk

Through monthly meetings with industry and environmental associations, Pivot Strategic developed a series of joint recommendations to strengthen Species At Risk Act and ease the compliance burden.

cement plant

Low Carbon Fuels

By working in collaboration with heavy industry and the government, Pivot Strategic was able to get a new regulation passed which allows industry to substitute in low-carbon fuels.

Regulating methane at pumps

Methane Regulation

Partnered with an environmental group, Pivot Strategic took on one of the largest GHG reduction initiatives in North America. In the end, we helped achieve a continent-wide regulated target of 40-45% methane reduction from the oil & gas sector by 2025.

biofuels fleet


Pivot Strategic worked with the Ontario government to provide funding to fuel distributors for high-blend sustainable biofuels. This pricing measure will incentivize companies to switch their fleets to cleaner-burning fuel.

Canadian Parliament

Policy Development

In the lead up to the 2015 federal election, Pivot Strategic produced a report that included seven concrete policy proposals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and helped set the stage on climate change with the new government.


Other Collaborations

Pivot Strategic Consulting has a long history of facilitating partnerships between industry and NGOs to create initiatives such as the Green Budget Coalition, the Endangered Species Campaign, and PivotMAP.



We generally work on a confidential basis with our clients. Here are a few of the organizations we have worked with to deliver policy solutions:

Pivot Strategic's Clients

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